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November 1, 2014 WEBSITE UPDATED FINAL TIME 2014!!!- New fire companies and updated fire apparatus of Schuylkill, Lehigh, and Northampton Counties.

My name is Dan Markiewicz. I am a Lieutenant with the West End Fire & Rescue Company of Mahanoy City, in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, located in heart of the Coal Region. I started out as a junior firefighter way back in 1983 and have been involved in Emergency Services ever since. It has even led me to my professional career as a 911 Dispatcher with Schuylkill County for the past 14 years. Like most kids my age I liked fire engines, but what really got me interested was sitting with my grandfather every Saturday night in his lazy boy and watching EMERGENCY! on television. I remember him taking me to every Bicentennial Parade in Schuylkill County during the Summer of 1976. Besides being a volunteer FFII/EMT, I am an avid fire apparatus buff. I started taking of rigs in 1983 and tried to get as many as possible, much the same way as someone collects baseball cards. I contribute to many local emergency service publications including the SCHUYLKILL COUNTY VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTERS QUARTERLY. Some of my have also appeared in FIRE APPARATUS & EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT magazine, and the nationwide FIRE ENGINES trading card sets. By no means am I a professional photographer. My are not for sale and I do this as a hobby. I do it simply for love of fire apparatus and the brotherhood of the fire service. Over 28 years and 5000+ later here I am. Many people have asked me "You have so many and are dedicated to your hobby so why not just go and start your own website?" So here it is. I hope everyone who views it enjoys it.

This website is dedicated to all firefighters worldwide...volunteer and paid active and retired...Those who answer the pagers and the house sirens...Those who leave their families to staff their rigs 24/7/365...Those who run the dinners and bingos helping to raise funds in hopes of buying a much needed new piece of fire apparatus...I would especially like to give a big THANK YOU! for all the firefighters over the years who took time out of their busy everyday lives to pose their rigs for and proudly show them off. I could have easily spent hours at each station trading stories and ideas. The Coal Region has the most dedicated & best equipped and trained firefighters not only in PA but in the entire USA! Am I partial??? HELL YEA!!!

For now I am going to concentrate on fire apparatus from my home Schuylkill County aka SKOOK. First the frontline apparatus then antiques and classic apparatus from yesteryear. In the future I will add rigs from not only the Coal Region but all over the great state of Pennsylvania! I always look forward to visiting new places. Any firefighters who would like me to visit their fire station to photograph their rigs, has information regarding their company's fire apparatus, or have any comments regarding my website can email me at: dano71@ptd.net. Enjoy!

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